Testimonial (2) – “A donation for a cause” campaign

We continue on the stories of patients who already received implantable chambers with our campaign.

“I’ve learned the existence of the oncological implantable chamber by Doctor Andrei Ungureanu the day I filled the form.

If I knew about this system, I would buy one, but I don’t know if it would have been financially possible.

I often felt the pain, the discomfort and the tingle of the repeated chemotherapy (via cannula) on the venous system.

I’m pleased and happy that I had the chance to be one of the 100 patients who received an implantable chamber thanks to “A donation for a cause”.

I didn’t know about the benefits of this device but the doctor informed me. I’m now convinced about the positive effect of the implantable chambers” (Dascălu-Radu Viorica)

A donation for a cause! 100 implantable chambers for the patients reached by cancer! A campaign from the Medisprof Association! Make a donation