Testimonial (1) – “A donation for a cause” campaign

As you already know, the 12 first oncological patients, over the 100 aimed by the « A donation for a cause » campaign, received the implantable chamber. We asked them to write their thoughts and feelings, these which will help the undecided to support the campaign.

Few words from Mme Gabriela Ciobanu:

“The main element that I knew and felt is that the treatment (chemotherapy), which I have to resist to, has a lot of serious side effects on the entire body. Unfortunately, the veins, really important in the treatment, are damaged really fast, and start some painful problems.

I heard, from experienced patients in this “sport”, about the existence of the implantable chambers and their efficiency for the treatment. Those, who succeed to buy it are now more relaxed regarding to their chemotherapy session. I don’t feel the discomfort of repetitive stings and I’m not afraid of missing a “health-dose”.

My first thought was to buy this implantable chamber and bring me some relaxation, but… and there is always one, in this case, a “financial but”. The chamber cost is not the one, someone in this situation, should allow himself, without a considerable and ineffective effort.

There are moments in life when a door is closed, you can see a tiny window open. I heard about the Medisprof Association campaign “A donation for a cause” and after the first, shy but important campaign results, I was one of the lucky chosen. Yes, the lucky ones who are few for now, and others who need it are really, really many, sadly. Yes, I have less of a concern, and it would be a very big, big thing if people could help us more and make more people like me happy. Don’t you think it is worth it?”

A donation for a cause! 100 implantable chambers for the patients reached by cancer! A campaign from the Medisprof Association! MAKE A DONATION