Testimonial (5) – “A donation for a cause” campaign

The series concerning the stories of the cancer patient who already received one of the 12 first implantable chambers with our campaign continues:

“I’m a patient at the Medisprof clinic since May 20&&, the year I was diagnosed with a metastatic breast cancer.

Since, according to the treatment, my blood is collected and appropriate treatment perfusions are applied.

The frequency of the actual applied perfusions is weekly, with some breaks, and the condition of the used veins has deteriorated, there are now “difficult to find” for the medical staff.

This possible change of the veins conditions (used for perfusion) was already described at the beginning of the treatment by Dr Udrea and Dr Ungureanu and they informed me about the implantable chamber existence as a solution (or variant) in order to avoid the cannulas used for the infusions.

At the beginning, I didn’t give enough attention to the possibility to replace permanently the stings, the utility and the convenient aspect of this implant.

Along the way, I was informed, also by the gently treatment doctors (reception and leaflets) about the possibility, concluding, that, in my case, it will be very useful to buy one of these implantable chambers.

For this reason, when I was informed by Dr Crina Samat that I can be a beneficiary of the type of implant, I appreciated a lot, and it gave me hope for the best, between the many trouble caused by this terrible disease.”  Silvia Lengyel